Take a Bite out of Love

Artist: Todd Campbell

Location: Todd Campbell Studio

The “Hearts of the East Side” project includes 11 different artists and their version of a metal heart sculpture. The artists range in backgrounds from painters to sculptors, to wood workers and metalsmiths. The heart installations are spread across East Cesar Chavez St. and each heart differs in medium, style, and the story it tells. 

Todd Campbell is an artistic metalsmith who helped this project come to life. He played an integral role in the process by constructing each of the 11 steel hearts for the artists and himself. 

“Selena from ‘1102’ asked me for some help designing and fabricating metal hearts to distribute to local artists,” said Campbell. “They could, in turn, design their own in the medium they worked in.”

His heart design is located outside his studio at 1407 E César Chávez St. and is titled “Take a Bite out of Love.” 

“It’s a little riff on taking a bite out of the neighborhood, the east side community here,” explained Campbell. 

Through his heart art piece, Campbell helped bring a little more love into the neighborhood, especially during these challenging times. 

Campbell has a strong foundation and presence on the east side. He’s been a resident there for nearly 20 years. In addition to his residency, Campbell’s been a business owner in the area for nearly as long. 

Todd Campbell Studio, the home to his heart’s location, is the workspace where he creates his unique work. 

“I’ve been at this location doing custom metal work for 14 years,” he noted. 

When asked about his work, Campbell proudly describes that he does a little bit of this and that. From custom pieces to furniture, it definitely keeps him busy. 

“I work with different designers, architects, and builders to create custom creations – both functional and artistic,” he noted. 

In addition to his heart installation, he recently finished a custom porch railing project. Next up is an interior stair rail. 

Campbell has a passion for creating remarkable metal pieces, and he enjoys when he gets to do it for something that means so much as does the “Hearts of the East Side” project.

He hopes that the “Hearts of the East Side” campaign can continue to expand, possibly adding more hearts down the street to bring even more heart to the city. 

“I’m very happy about beautifying Cesar Chavez and holding on to the old as we move in to the new.” 


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