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River Tubing for Corporate Outing

Plan a River Tubing Tour for a Corporate Outing

Is your staff bored with the same old happy hours? Have you bowled, golfed, and picnicked for your last three corporate outings?

Why not try something new, especially if you are entertaining out-of-town clients or executives? Why not take your next corporate group tubing down the San Marcos River? It’s easier to plan than you would think. In fact, all you need to do is reach out to the people of Tour Austin. They have the tubes and will provide transportation. All you need to do is pick a date and give us an approximate headcount.

When your out-of-town corporate guests travel into Austin for business, they will want to do something that is uniquely Texan. They have Top Golf in their cities, and they have done every indoor sporting activity imaginable throughout their careers. Why not plan an event they will enjoy and remember?

That’s why a relaxing tubing trip is the ideal corporate activity. Your coworkers will be able to make connections while relaxing in a beautiful, natural setting.

The spring-fed San Marcos River is extremely clean, and you will be passing the banks of natural parkland as you float down the river. The temperature is usually ideal – a perfect 72 degrees. Your guests will relax as they gently float along, enjoying the view of the elephant ear and native wild rice plants. Trust us, this will be the most relaxing corporate group event ever.

Here’s how our San Marcos Float trip works:

You contact our staff to book a tour. You can either do it from our website or by contacting one of our team members at 512-593-6331.

Inform your out-of-town guests the plan so they can pack appropriately. Business casual is not quite the appropriate choice of clothing for a float trip, so you may want to encourage them to bring appropriate swimwear and sunscreen. It is also recommended that each participant wear a pair of water shoes or sandals. Hats and sunglasses are a good idea too.

Purchase plenty of adult beverages and snacks (no glass or Styrofoam please!) This is a corporate event, so make sure you buy plenty of alcohol.

As a side note, each member of your party needs to be 18 years or older.

Finally, arrive at the scheduled time. Most of our float tours require visitors to meet at the Austin Visitor Center at 602 East 4th Street at 10:30 a.m. on either the Saturday or Sunday of the trip. We can also make special accommodations for large groups.

That’s it. That’s all you have to do. We will take care of the details so that you can enjoy the day along with your coworkers.

Here’s what the staff of Tour Austin will do for you:

1. Our professional drivers will arrive at the meeting spot with our luxury vehicles before 10:30 a.m. ready to provide transportation for the day.

2. We will drive your party to San Marcos, TX, which is 32 miles south of Austin.

3. We will provide everyone in your party with a high-quality tube to use for the day.

4. We will provide coolers and ice for your beverages and snacks.

5. We will keep your group’s valuables safe while they float down the river. Of course, the members of your group can keep their personal items with them while on the float trip, but that is not recommended.

6. Our guides will lead you down the river for approximately 3 to 3 ½ hours.

7. Our driver will pick you up downstream and transport you back to the city.

8. We will drop you off at the Austin Visitor Center at 5 p.m.

This will be the most carefree corporate event you have every planned.

Even though our Texas weather is usually very cooperative with our tour groups, we will have to reschedule your tour if there is a high likelihood of heavy rain, high winds, thunderstorms, or a cold front. We will let you know about the cancellation by email and text as soon as we make the decision. Of course, we will provide a full refund and will offer to reschedule the event.

We also understand that you may need to cancel your reservation or reduce or add to the number of tickets you purchased. If you need to do so, please give us at least a 72-hour notice. If you can do so, you will receive a full refund for the price of the tour. If you cancel with less than a 72-hour notice, you will receive a credit for a future visit.

Call us today to plan your tubing event down the San Marcos River. This will be one corporate event that everyone will want to attend.

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