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Tour Austin’s Private Brewery Tour for Out of Town Guests


Are you planning your first trip to Austin? Let us give you some travel tips. After all, that IS our business.

First, know that Austin can get particularly sticky during the late summer months. Plan on dressing appropriately for the hot weather, bring plenty of sunscreens and buy a big floppy hat (or how about a cowboy hat?)

Next, if you are a first-time visitor to Austin, you need a quick course in three things.

  1.    Music – Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World. You need to make sure that you make time to visit one of our famous music venues or free summer concert series.

  2.    Barbecue – Our barbecue is legendary. People wait in line for hours outside of hole-in-the-wall joints that know how to do brisket. Do your homework. Don’t expect to show up at 11:30 so you can eat at 12. This is Texas, and we take barbecue seriously.

  3.    Beer – As if you weren’t excited enough to visit Austin, it is essential to know that the microbrewery scene is alive and thriving in our area. Beer is big business in Austin, and our craft beer brewmeisters have a healthy competition to come up with the best all around.

So as you plan your travel itinerary, why not let us at Tour Austin customize a brewery tour for you and the rest of your travel companions? We know and love our city, and we can organize a one-of-a-kind tour for you that you will be talking about for years. Let us help you find your new favorite beer.

You have plenty of microbreweries to visit.  We could start our tour north of the city by visiting Cedar Park’s Whitestone Brewery or the Bluebonnet Beer Company in Round Rock. Both have large local followings and are popular in the local beer scene. After stopping for some barbecue, we could continue our journey to Save the World Brewing Company in Marble Falls or Infamous Brewing Company out by Lake Travis.  While we’re out by the lake, we might want to stop in at Oasis Texas Brewing Company or head back into the city to the Flying Man Brewing Co.

We can make a plan, or we can decide the route on a whim. If we arrive at a location, and your fellow travelers aren’t feeling the vibe, then we can find someplace else to explore. What if you want to stop at one of our swimming holes in the middle of our tour? Why not? The day is entirely yours. That’s the beauty of a customizable tour.

Here are some tips to make your brewery tour as enjoyable as possible.

First, contact Tour Austin as soon as you have your travel dates scheduled. We offer a variety of tours in the Austin area, including a highly-rated Austin Mural Tour and day trips to  Waco Tours. Maybe you want to stop at some of these locations on your private tour!

Our tour guides are busy, so the sooner we schedule your event the better.

Next, don’t try to overschedule. We know that you are only lucky enough to be in Austin a limited amount of time, but if you are on vacation, slow down your pace. Pick three or four breweries to stop at in a given day. After trying that many beers, your taste buds won’t be able to distinguish the subtleties of the flavor. This is a great beer that you will be trying! Make sure your taste buds are lively enough to appreciate it.

Finally, make sure you bring the right people. Do you really want to bring your spouse on a brewery tour if he/she prefers wine? Do you want to bring a friend who is done tasting beer after the first hour? Chances are, you know the right people that you want to accompany you on a brewery tour.

Don’t feel as if you have to do a ton of research to determine the best route or to find interesting diversions we may pass on the way. Our business is travel. Let us ask you a few questions regarding your goals for the day and we will take care of the rest.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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