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Take a Walk on the East Side

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

The East Side of Austin has experienced a revival. With the expansion of new restaurants, bars, shops, there has been an increase in people visiting this side of town. Combining the old with the new, East Austin strives to provide residents and visitors with a sense of culture, nostalgia, and most importantly, love.

With so much to do and see along the East Side, one of the most popular routes to stroll is along E Cesar Chavez St. A new art project installed down this street, “The Hearts of the East Side” project, spans along a mile. Eleven different hearts were created by local artists and are placed at various East Side businesses.

A perfect event for date night, an activity to partake in with friends, or whatever the occasion may be, participate in our Hearts of the East Side Walking Tour today, and experience all the love the East Side has to offer!

Our Walking Tour takes you down E Cesar Chavez, stopping at each of the eleven hearts, and includes popular spots for drinks and eats along the route. You will also find a QR code located at each heart. Scan the code and be taken on a virtual tour of the different hearts. Learn about the artists, their inspiration, and the significance of each piece.

Our walking tour:

Start at 911 E Cear Chavez St. at Heart #1: ‘The Sacred Heart of East Austin.’ This heart was created by Evan Voyles, a long time East Side artist.

After you learn about this heart, head across the street to 1010 E Cesar Chavez St where Cenote is located and grab a coffee, wine, or an ice-cold beer.

Next, visit Heart #2 at 1102 E Cesar Chavez St. Titled, ‘Vertical Garden,’ this was created by the project’s curator and longtime East Side resident and business owner, Selena Souders.

Make your way down the road to 1200 E Cesar Chavez St. at Heart #3: ‘In Love.’ This heart installation was created by muralist, Luis Angulo.

Down the way and across the street you’ll find yourself at 1407 E Cesar Chavez St. Heart #4, ‘Take a Bite out of Love’ sits here and was created by Todd Campbell. Campbell, a metalsmith, helped construct all of the steel hearts for this project.

Time for a break! Head over to a Cesar Chavez St. staple located at 1510 E – EastSide Tavern, and take in local crafts, drafts, and delicious eats.

Getting back to it, make your way to Heart #5 at 1607 E Cesar Chavez St. “Love is Color Blind” was created by woodworker, Erin Ashley Shook.

Continuing on to 1703 E Cesar Chavez St. where Heart #6 sits. ‘A Little Pick Me Up’ was created and constructed by Bale Creek Allen.

Stroll on to 1717 E Cesar Chavez St. where Heart #7 stands. Created by Miles Starkey, this piece is called ‘Feeling of Love.’

Take a refresher at Lou’s at 1900 E Cesar Chavez St. At this local go-to spot, enjoy beer, cocktails, and wine.

Visit 1901 E Cesar Chavez St. and get a look at ‘Plant a Seed of Love.’ This colorful Heart #8 was created by Morgan Zator.

Next, stop at 1910 E Cesar Chavez St., where Heart #9, ‘The Bison on Chavez’ proudly stands tall. This intricate piece was created by Chris Levack.

Before you reach the tail end of the tour, stop by High Noon for a final drink. This bar is retro psychodelia inspired.

Near the end, find your way to 2303 E Cesar Chavez St. Heart #10, ‘Diamond Heart’ was created by Nathan Nordstrom, also known as Sloke One.

The final of the hearts, Heart #11 rests at 2400 E Cesar Chavez St. This piece, titled ‘Empathize With Thy Neighbor’ was created by Rachel Dickson.

End your time on the walking tour at 2400 E Cesar Chavez, just down from the final heart. Here at Blue Owl Brewing, enjoy a selection of sours at this brewery.

With plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops along the East Side, we hope that the “Hearts of the East Side” only encourages you more to walk around and take in all this part of the city has to offer.

We hope you enjoy your time on the tour, learn about the artists and support their future work, and most importantly, feel all the love the East Side has to give.

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