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Private Distillery Tours in Austin Texas

Austin’s Private Distillery Tour

Everyone knows about Austin’s food and music scenes. We have some of the hippest, trendiest restaurants around AND we are home to one of the most-attended music festivals in the world. This is old news.

If you are new to Austin or have never visited our fair city, you may not know about our budding distillery industry. We are home to a couple of nationally-known vodka brands as well as bourbon, gin, rum, and whiskey distillers.

If you are visiting Austin with a group, and are looking for a great afternoon activity, why not book a private tour where you can visit all of our distilleries? Our professional drivers will transport you and your friends in a luxury vehicle to each location. Let us maneuver through traffic. Let us drop you off at the door while we worry about finding a parking spot. Let us stay sober and safely drive you while you and your friends enjoy tastings at each of the distilleries.

And if distilleries are your interest, we have a lot to visit.

Tito’s Vodka

Tito’s started out small. Very small. Tito Beveridge, the aptly-named owner, started by distilling flavored vodka for home parties. He decided to leave his mortgage career and learn more about the distilling process. After many sleepless nights of studying and distilling, he was finally happy with his product. After almost ten years of struggling, the company finally met success and is one of the most successful microdistilleries in the country. While Tito’s does not offer tours or tastings, they do have a huge presence at many festivals and community events.

Deep Eddy

If your visit to Austin wouldn’t be complete without going to a vodka tasting, then let us drive you to Deep Eddy Vodka. Deep Eddy was established in 2010 and is named for the oldest swimming hole in Austin. Deep Eddy also has a significant presence at local festivals, but they also provide tastings as well. Let us schedule one for you!

Dripping Springs

Continue your distillery tour by tasting the vodka and gin of Dripping Springs. Located about 30 minutes west of downtown Austin, let us get you there safely. You won’t want to miss one of their signature cocktails created with this award-winning, small-batch vodka and gin.

Garrison Brothers

Maybe vodka’s not your thing, and you are more of a bourbon drinker. Our tour will take you to Garrison Brother’s distillery, where you can tour their facility and taste their award-winning whiskey. According to their website, tastings are free if you show up on a horse, but wouldn’t you sooner arrive in an air-conditioned Mercedes? Texas during the summer is no joke, and since the distillery is about an hour’s drive in a Mercedes from Austin, who knows how long a horse would take to get there?

Revolution Spirits

Located in southwest Austin, Revolution Spirits offers unique products such as Cafecito coffee liqueur, Chocolate Cafecito, and Amico Amara, but their signature distilled item is their Austin Reserve Gin. Let us introduce you to this up-and-comer in the distilling industry. They also have limited releases that you may be lucky enough to taste.

Treaty Oak Distilling

Treaty Oak Distillery is named after Austin’s famous 500-year-old tree, under which Stephen Austin signed agreements that helped define the borders of our great state. Our drivers will take you to Treaty Oak so you can enjoy a tour and tasting of their beers and spirits. Treaty Oaks takes their product seriously. They know where their ingredients are sourced, and you can tell in the taste.

What are you waiting for? You want to visit these distilleries, and you obviously can’t taste all those spirits and then drive yourself. Why not travel in style?

Our professional drivers will pick you up in a 13-passenger Mercedes Sprinter Van. You and your crew will enjoy plenty of leg-room and head-room as you distillery-hop in plush, leather seats. Let us maneuver through traffic. Let us figure out the route. Let us schedule the tours. Let us serve you. All you need to do is show up, and enjoy the best that Austin has to offer.

Sure, you can follow our recommendations and let us set up the tours, but let us know if you have any special requests. Would you like to stop at one of Austin’s many restaurants in the middle of your tour? That’s no problem! We customize tours all the time.

Please contact us today at 512-276-5368 and let’s set up your tour!

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