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Mural and City Tour

Mural and City Tour in Weird Austin

Being weird is what makes Austin the best city in America. We want to help keep

Austin Weird, and that’s why we have developed a Mural and City tour designed for

those who embrace the quirkiness of the coolest city in Texas. Grab your phones and

prepare to get to know Austin, one mural at a time, while being spirited around in a 13-passenger

Mercedes Sprinter Van.

The Murals 

Home to over 80 different murals and art installations, Austin has a lot

to offer when it comes to picture-worthy spots. Tour Austin is now offering

a private mural tour where you and a group of up to nine individuals will

be driven around to the city’s best murals. You will be led by a knowledgable

tour guide who will share the mural’s history, provide endless laughs, and

leave you with lifelong memories.

From the iconic “You’re My Butter Half” to the “I Love You So Much” murals,

you will end your day with a camera roll full of quality, Instagram-able pictures.

In a matter of a few hours you will be able to see the most infamous murals

that Austin has to offer. Along the way, your guide will share with you Austin’s

best kept secrets and the top spots to check out in Austin – whether you’re

a local or here for a visit.

The Top 5 Things to Experience in Austin

Before you embrace the less-than-ordinary side of Austin, it is essential to

experience the traditional sights. Go see the bats leave their nests under the

Congress Street Bridge. Call the bat hotline to get an expert opinion on when this

miraculous mass movement takes place.

Visit our State’s Capitol. Take a free tour of this fantastic building while learning

about our state’s history. Self-guided tours are also available for those with tight

schedules. Don’t miss this stop. Our capitol is even taller than the U.S. Capitol

building in Washington. D.C.

Located within Zilker Park’s 365 acres is a three-acre pool that is on a fed from an

underground spring. Barton Springs Pool is the name, and it’s ideal for year-round swimming as the

average temperature ranges between 68 and 70 degrees.

It would be a mistake to ignore the outdoor features of Austin. Take time to kayak or

stand-up paddle-board in Lady Bird Lake. Granted, this lake is more of a river-like

reservoir than a lake, but it is still a great place to walk or run along in the early

mornings or evenings.

If you only had time to eat one meal in Austin, you would have to eat tacos. Or BBQ.

Actually, don’t even attempt to leave Austin without trying both. Although the locals

argue over which restaurants offer the best tacos and/or BBQ, in reality, they are all


Top 5 Weirdest Things in Austin

Some of the weirdest parts of Austin aren’t in the touristy sections of downtown. Let

us drive you to these hidden gems, such as the Cathedral of Junk. The Cathedral of

Junk is hard to describe. Think “yard art,” but at an entirely different level. Located

in the back yard of a small, suburban home, this cathedral was created by a regular

Texan who likes to putter around his yard when he’s not working his day job.

Even if you have had the opportunity to visit the Hope Outdoor Gallery before, you

will have a completely different experience within just a few days. This outdoor

gallery provides a place for “street artists” to share their craft. Sit on one of the

gallery benches while you watch an artist work.

Visit the Little Longhorn Saloon or the C-Boys Heart and Soul and play a round of

Chicken Shit Bingo. Visitors buy a number from the person in charge of the bingo

board. You then wait to see if a real-life chicken shits on your chosen number. What

do you do for fun in your neighborhood? I bet it’s not as cool as that.

Hometown musician Willie Nelson has a huge presence in Austin. Take a selfie with

Willie by visiting his statue.

Austin is so weird that they have a whole museum to show off their oddities. Let our

drivers take you to the Museum of the Weird. Like many of the odd places

highlighted on our list, the Museum is a little difficult to describe. Let’s just say that

you will see “unusual” items when you visit this Austin attraction that draws tens of

thousands of visitors each year. Look for a large, red hand-painted sign on the front

gate and enter . . . if you dare.

Top 5 Neighborhoods

 They will also complete the trip with a basic understanding of the different

neighborhoods of Austin. Not only will we take you to our downtown attractions,

but we will also let you visit the Dirty 6th, an area full

with wonderful businesses (as well as a place to buy cheap shots.)

SOCO (South of Congress Street) boasts boutiques, restaurants, galleries, and music

venues. It’s a great place to hang out if you are a visitor or a local.

There’s also lots to do on Rainey Street. Visitors and locals love visiting Rainey Street bars that were

once bungalow houses.

Also, visit the various food trucks that dot the area. Even the burbs of Austin are cool.

The Domain offers upscale locations for shopping and dining for visitors and locals.

Let us customize a Mural and City tour for you! You will learn to love Austin as much as we


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