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East Austin has a lot more Heart

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Hearts of the East Side consist of 11 unique art installations that are comprised of designs that represent the traditions and charm of East Austin. Local businesses along the east side put up their own version of a heart sculpture/installation in honor of the celebration of being part of the campaign. Eleven hearts were created by local artists, who were commissioned by the East César Chávez Merchants Association.

East Austin has experienced a boom in restaurants, bars, shops, and people. The area has most certainly expanded and made a significant name for itself. The east side offers a diverse scene, where old intersects with new.

A key component that makes the East Austin stand out from the rest is the street art. Most recently, the district implemented a new project titled “The Heart of the East Side.” This project came to be with the help from the East César Chávez Merchants Association and Souly Austin.

The projects were revealed to the public over Valentine’s Day weekend in early 2020. The inspiration for the project derived from the culture and creative spirit the East César Chávez district offers. Impressed with the distinct ambitious spirit, businesses and property owners funded the project. 

Now more than ever, East Austin is coming together in union. There’s a common goal to create and strengthen a link between all the businesses that make up the east side. The hope is to draw more individuals in and really develop the east side as the arts and entertainment hub it is destined to be. 

The “Hearts of the East Side” features 11 local artists. These individuals designed and created their take on a heart sculpture/installation. Projects range from lit neon hearts to plant and flower-filled masterpieces. There are hearts filled with encouraging words, graffiti stained, and even a bison comprised of firewood. 

The first heart sits at 911 E César Chávez St. and hearts continue on for a mile stretch. The final heart rests at 2400 E César Chávez St. Unlike others, the “Hearts of the East Side” is a unique program, as it is a walking tour. An easily accessible and walkable distance, the project hopes to increase individuals out of their cars. 

A must see in the city of Austin. Check out and support the eleven different “Hearts of the East Side” and their creators. The east side is not skipping a (heart)beat with providing remarkable, unique art. 

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