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City of Austin Hiking Tours

Austin City Hiking Tour

Tour Austin knows the city of Austin. We have been providing luxurious and safe transportation to Austin’s most popular destinations for more than 14 years. Since we live in the area, we also know the out-of-the-way places that you need to visit.

Visitors to Austin often make the mistake of ignoring our outdoor sights, and instead, they focus on our great restaurants, museums, and sporting attractions. This is a mistake! Austin is admired for being a green city. Not only does it have the only green library in America, but it also has hundreds of miles of trails to hike and explore. We want to share this part of our city with you.

To celebrate our outdoor lifestyle, we at Tour Austin have created a hiking tour for not only visitors to our city but also locals as well. Read on to discover the top five hikes in and around Austin.

The Greenbelt

Although there are many greenbelts in Austin, the one most referred to is the Barton Creek Greenbelt. This trail has been named one of the top hiking trails in Texas. It’s great for hikers, mountain bikers, and rock climbers. Even though this trail is close to downtown, the access points can be confusing. That’s where our professional drivers can be of service. We will point you to the best access points.

Even though everyone has a different favorite spot of the Greenbelt, we will access your interests and direct you to spots that are perfect for your group. Are you a nature photographer? Maybe you want to take photos of tree roots that are exposed when the creek is low. Are you a rock climber? We will direct you to Urban Assault or Seismic, a couple of limestone climbing walls that are calling your name. And of course, there are swimming holes if you want to take a quick dip.

McKinney Falls

Located just 13 miles from the state capitol is McKinney Falls State Park. Within Austin’s city limits, this park is home to a beautiful waterfall as Onion Creek flows over limestone ledges and splashes into a pool. You can enjoy an hour or two of fishing or go bouldering. Pack a picnic lunch because you won’t want to leave this destination a minute too soon.

Pedernales Falls Pedernales Falls State Park, located just 30 minutes west of Austin is another excellent place to hike, picnic, geocache, tube, or bird watch. Since the state park covers 5,212 acres, having our drivers as a guide will help you spend less time navigating and more time enjoying the sights. A state park covering more than 5,000 acres? Everything really is bigger in Texas.

Enchanted Rock

Everyone in Austin knows about the Enchanted Rock. The enormous pink granite dome has been a landmark of the area for thousands of years. As much of an Austin landmark as the Austin City Limits Festival, the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area offers over ten miles of hiking trails. Rock climb, backpack, and stare at the stars. Our drivers will give you tips on how to best enjoy this highlight of Austin.

Hamilton Pool

As if Austin couldn’t get any cooler, think about how much fun it would be to take a dip in a good old-fashioned swimming hole with your friends. Our hiking tour would not be complete without a stop at the Hamilton Pool Preserve. Learn about the diverse geological features of the area as you spot the native plants and animals. To protect the natural gifts of this area, visitors are required to have reservations.

We’ve all been there. You too probably have visited an area known for its natural beauty and missed all of it because you had to navigate through traffic and look for parking spaces. That’s why we created the hiking tour. We want you to enjoy the green highlights of Austin while we do the driving.

Our drivers will transport you in luxury Mercedes Sprinter Vans. As much as you will enjoy the great outdoors, you will also enjoy our climate controlled vans as your rest from your activities between stops. Relax in our plush, leather seats as you enjoy plenty of headroom and foot-room. Your party members won’t struggle to get out of these luxury vehicles.

Contact us at Tour Austin to sign up for one of our hikes. If you have specific destinations in mind, let us know. We can plan a custom tour as well! Happy hiking and enjoy the great outdoors in Austin!

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