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Austin Activities in April

April Activities in Austin

While the rest of the country tentatively peaks their heads outdoors, hoping that winter is gone, we Austinites are already in the midst of the festival season. Actually, do the festivals and celebrations ever stop in Austin?

There is an event for every taste this April in Austin. Whether you like fast motorcycles, unique homes, or great wine (or maybe all three!) read on to discover the perfect way to spend your weekends in April.

MOTOGPTM Grand Prix of The Americas

4/12/19 – 4/14/19 Circuit of The Americas

Are you an adrenaline junkie? You were able to get your fix last month while watching real-life cowboys ride not-so-nice bulls at Rodeo Austin. This month’s must-see event for you is MotoGPTM, the pinnacle of all motorcycle World Championships.

Held at the Circuit of The Americas track, this three-day event will leave you breathless as you watch motorcyclists from all over the world drive at speeds that will astonish you.

Our Grand Prix venue is the first North American racing venue to host both two-and four-wheeled World Championship events in one year’s time. Not to brag, but we are kind of a big deal. You will not find this caliber of motorcycle racing anywhere else in the United States.

Those who attend Friday’s event will be able to see the practice rounds of their favorite drivers. The qualifying races are on Saturday, and the finals are on Sunday.

You can buy tickets for the entire weekend or single day tickets. Children under 12 receive a complimentary ticket for the general admission section. You can even purchase Cycle Corrals tickets and have a chance to drive your own motorcycle on the track.

Weird Homes Tour


It’s not a secret that Austin is weird. In fact, many of our citizens celebrate this weirdness by thinking outside the box in the type of dwellings they call home.

Maybe you have passed these houses in your daily commute and always wanted to take a peek inside. Here’s your chance!

Tour and meet the owners of The Home of the Mysterious Planchette, a home full of Ouija boards, relics from séances, and other occult antiquities.

Explore Bloomhouse, a home that is very hard to describe in mere words. This home of designer Charles Harker wasn’t “built,” it was more “sculpted.” You really just need to see it to understand.

Visit The Keep, a high-end refuge of artist D. Warden. Warden’s unique space has been created with upcycled materials, including tons of recycled glass, over a hundred gallons of paint from the Reuse Drop-Off Center, and tons of boulders and rocks he was able to obtain from ads on Craigslist.

Keep Austin’s weird culture alive by purchasing a ticket to this event. Tickets start at $35, and 10% of the proceeds go to Lifeworks Austin, an organization fighting for affordable housing in our city.

Austin Food + Wine Festival

4/26/19 – 4/28/19 Auditorium Shores and Republic Square Park

Food + Wine? Honestly, you had me at “food.”

What happens at the Austin Food + Wine festival? You will enjoy endless tastings from our city’s top restaurants. You will see our area’s most celebrated chefs prepare some of their signature dishes. It’s Austin, so you know you will taste some of the best bbq in the country. And, it’s Austin, so you know that our gourmet taco competition will be out of this world.

Learn about and taste Bordeaux wines. Experience a tequila tasting, and a whiskey tasting, and learn how to make simple cocktails.

And, since it’s Austin, you know there will be live music. This festival has it all!

Tickets start at $250. All food and beverages are included.

Are you ready to go to all these Austin activities? Luckily, the fun is spread out over three different weekends so you can attend all of the events.

After you purchase your tickets for the events, reach out to the amazing people at R&R Limo and Bus. R&R has been serving the Austin area for over 15 years, and they will be happy to provide transportation for your weekend events.

Save money on parking and let their professional drivers take you to the MotoGP Grand Prix of the Americas. If you drive yourself, you’re likely to get a speeding ticket on the way home, right?

Let us chauffeur you from weird home to weird home during the tour on April 20. Gather a large group of friends, and let us take care of the driving while you discuss the livability of the homes you visited.

Finally, after spending two days of nothing but fantastic food and wine, tequila, whiskey, and beer, you know you are going to need a ride home from us after attending the food festival

Allow us to create a custom day in Austin for you that includes participating in any of these events! Contact us today to schedule your tour.

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