In Love

Artist: Luis Angulo

Location: 1200 E Cesar Chavez

The “Hearts of the East Side” campaign celebrates the art, culture, and the sense of community exhibited on Austin’s east side. Eleven artists, varying in their backgrounds and disciplines, came together to create a heart that represents them and their love for this side of town. 

Luis Angulo, muralist and street artist, was one of the final artists selected to participate in the project. 

His heart installation, titled, “In Love” hangs at 1200 E Cesar Chavez St, a former car dealership. 

Angulo got involved with the “Hearts of the East Side” project when he heard about it from his friends from Mr. Natural. 

“Jesus Jr., one of the owners of Mr. Natural, mentioned the project was looking for one more artist to take part. I reached out to the organizers and applied for a spot” said Angulo. “[I was] invited to be a part of this series at the very end of the project and was the 11th artist that was picked for it.”

Angulo, originally from Venezuela, has been an Austin resident for over thirteen years. He initially became involved with the east side several years ago.

“I did my first solo mural in Austin back in 2014 on a building on East Cesar Chavez” explained Angulo. “Six years later I have created six other art pieces for this corridor.”

While typically focusing on murals and street art, Angulo has been experimenting with the art of sculpture the last few years. 

“I have been working with the human form in 3D for a little while now. When I saw the heart template, I immediately knew I wanted to find a way to integrate a human figure into it,” said Angulo. 

His work typically draws strong inspiration from his Venezuelan heritage, focuses on politics, social matters, and pop culture. 

The processes for his works vary but most of his work – no matter what medium – begins with a pencil sketch. His heart installation followed suit. 

“For this project I created several mock-ups with the concept I had in mind. Once I got it approved, the first step was welding the internal metal armature” detailed Angulo. “After that I did castings of a friend’s arms and legs and started fleshing out the sculpture form. The last step was spray painting the gradient.

Today, Angulo is spending his time remodeling Something Cool Studios, a gallery/studio collective. 

“We are a group of local artists focused on doing community type projects and helping the art community here in Austin grow,” explained Angulo.

Angulo looks forward to continuing projects and creating works of art throughout the east side. Much like the “Hearts of the East Side” project, he is eagerly working to create and enhance the east side street art community that’s provided him so much. 

“I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for the love East Austin has given me.”

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